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  • Economy Roof

    Affordable green roof solutions with sedum vegetation.

  • Lightweight Roof

    Extra lightweight green roof solution for new and existing roofs which have limited weight loading capacity.

  • Nature Roof

    Solutions with high levels of biodiversity and ecological value providing greater water retention capacity.

  • Retention Roof

    Green roof solutions where a greater level of temporary water storage is required together with a defined rate of discharge.

  • Pitched Roof

    Engineered anti-slip solutions for pitched green roofs.

  • Garden Roof

    Intensive green roof solutions with high water storage performance where roof areas are to be used to create attractive outdoor living space.

  • Landscape Roof

    Solutions for creating larger recreational areas on roofs providing high levels of water storage capacity.

  • Public Roof

    Hard landscaping solutions for flat roof areas where access for pedestrian or vehicle traffic is required.

  • Solar Green Roof

    Economical combination of green roof and photovoltaics.



Who doesn't want to live in a green and healthy environment and enjoy the benefits of a garden?

A green roof is a relatively simple solution within the housing sector. Whether it is as an extensive sedum roof over a garage or garden building or an intensive garden roof with a usable terrace area, there are many options available.

A green roof is attractive to look at and also combines a number of real benefits. Many commercial and larger residential developments have them and they are prime examples of the roof greening possibilities  available on large scale projects. So why not do the same in a smaller way with a green roof on private house?

Optigreen has a wide range of products and solutions to suit all green roof requirements, including DIY projects. Give us a try!

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