The success story of the Optigrün international AG Partner Network continues

Between January and March of this year a total of ten internal seminars for continuing education were held, during which nearly 300 professionals of the Optigrün International AG Partner Network were brought up to date with greening of buildings.  In the course of these seminars participants were trained in the use of new products and System Solutions and informed about legal updates. This is the only way to maintain the high level of quality and fair market values associated with the Optigruen brand.

The Optigrün Training Concept, led by Peter Küsters (Head of the Engineering Department) consists of Basic Seminars, Seminars for Installers, Specialization Seminars and Seminars for Professionals. These comply with the expectations of different target groups within a company. The highlight of these training series was the Optigrün Managers' Convention, which was held in Dortmund this year, with the participation of over 130 persons. The Optigrün International AG Partner Network, consisting of 80 Optigrün Partner Companies, again managed to increase its turnover during the past year and feels optimistic, not only for this year, but also for the future. Apart from the Partner Network with the skilled Partner Companies which professionally implement and maintain roof and wall greening nationwide, there are well proven System Solutions which provide innovations and several types of services for owner-builders and planners, constituting the basis of our success. In the context of the Managers' Convention the Manging Director of Optigrün handed over the Optigrün Awards to those Partner Companies with long-standing activity within the Network and good sales performance. Furthermore, the Optigrün Roof of the Year 2016 was selected. Winner was the extensive-intensive greening of the Joseph-Pschorr-Haus in Munich, which was implemented by the Haderstorfer Partner Company.

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Photos and images

Photo 1: participants at the Optigrün Managers' Convention 2016 in Dortmund
Photo 2: a view of the Managers' Convention – a total of nearly 300 persons were trained on issues regarding Roof and Wall Greening.
Photo 3: proud award winners with Optigrün's Manging Director Uwe Harzmann (from l. to r.): Florian Steiner, Gerd Vogt, Uwe Harzmann, Marcel Nadorf

Photo credits "Optigrün". Thank you.